Impact and Results

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Impact and Results

To support the effective delivery of employability services, AG focus on stages one to four of the Strategic Skills Pipeline as each stage is linked to a recognized part of the job-seeking journey”.

These are:

  1. Engagement and referral 
  2. Barrier removal and needs assessment 
  3. Vocational training and work experience
  4. Pre-employment training and job matching

AG has supported over 150 people who are seeking help to secure and sustain employment.
Additionally, over the next three years AG will support:



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Case Studies

Examining the challenges, solutions, and outcomes of a real-life case studies of lives that have been transformed through Alpha Grove.


Engagement and referral

Choosing a charity is where your passion comes into play. With so many things that can pull on a person’s heartstrings, it may be difficult to choose just one. We suggest brainstorming with a small team of volunteers to ease the deciding process.

Charity Event


 Barrier removal and needs assessment

Volunteers will be the lifeblood of this event. They are essential to making your event successful and maintaining momentum when tasks pile up. Organize your dedicated volunteers into positions, or committees and sub-committees. Distribute tasks to each committee or position equally to keep your volunteers from becoming overwhelmed.


 Vocational training
and work experience

With the help of your volunteers, begin planning the many details that will bring your event the donations and awareness that you’re working for. For large events, procure the corporate event entertainment you will need — from Caterers and Musical Entertainment, to Speakers and Auctioneers.


Pre-employment training and job matching

Whether it’s a small raffle or a sophisticated silent auction, the message is the same when promoting your event: you’re raising money and/or awareness for charity. People generally want to help local and even national causes when they’re aware of them.


Reward Your

This is very important. It doesn’t have to be anything big or elaborate. It could be as small as an informal pizza party, or as grand as a banquet-style gala. But, showing appreciation for your volunteers is a great way to retain the ones you have, and makes it more likely that others will lend a hand.