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Volunteer Standing at Pile of Scrap Metal
Portrait of a little girl holding an asthma inhaler at a community outreach event

Alpha Grove Community

Alpha Grove Community Centre, located in the Old Methodist Church building on Alpha Grove Isle of Dogs, is an umbrella body and landlord to several independent voluntary organizations in the area.

The center was established in 1980 as a multipurpose facility offering social and recreational services to the residents of Isle of Dogs, with the building donated by the Methodist Church trustees for the benefit of the community. A board of Trustees, including individuals from the local business community and Isle of Dogs residents, meets monthly to oversee the center’s operations, finances, human resources, and strategic direction.


Original footage from the Alpha Grove Community Centre filmed by ITN cameraman, Tony Scott.

Offering a helping hand to the community

In addition to our primary mission of empowering residents to live healthier and more prosperous lives, Alpha Grove also offers a range of community resources and services. These include training opportunities, internet café access, community facilities, and professional room hire for conferences, meetings, and community groups. We also provide free internet access with training facilities for local schools and businesses.

Through these offerings, we strive to provide the necessary tools and resources to help individuals and groups achieve their goals and improve their lives. Additionally, we recognize that deeply-rooted social disadvantages contribute to poverty and health inequality, and as such, we also provide helpful advice on healthy eating, wellbeing, and social activities to bring residents together and facilitate positive change.

They stand up and take action together

That it’s rooted in courage, optimism, and creativity. That when people who believe in those things band together, when they stand up and take action together, their courage is compounded, it becomes contagious. Their voices are amplified, their stories ripple out to change the world. The old stories are failing us – the stories of infinite growth in a finite world. The stories that tell us we can consume our way to happiness.