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Alpha Grove offers a range of programs to address the various needs of the community. Our programs focuses on providing educational support to disadvantaged children, tutoring and mentorship, combating food insecurity by providing meals and food assistance to those in need, promoting physical and mental health through wellness programs and access to healthcare services, job training and employment assistance to help individuals achieve financial stability and many more

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Enterprise and employability


Our ongoing efforts at Alpha Grove Community Centre to combat unemployment in the area involve establishing partnerships with local organisations and groups to continue improving the lives of residents. We have provided various courses and workshops to support learning in Maths and English, Computer Technology, skills for work, health and wellbeing, and family learning. Our aim is to empower individuals from underrepresented and hard to reach communities, particularly those facing complex barriers in life and work. Our record shows success in supporting people with disabilities and/or disadvantages and providing assistance to carers, the elderly, unemployed, and those socially isolated. Our centre holds drop-in sessions, events, and other community development programmes to achieve social and economic regeneration through learning, enterprise, and employment.

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Young people and sports

The Alpha Grove Youth Project is dedicated to empowering young people aged 11-19 from Tower Hamlets by providing them with a range of activities, advice, support, information, and guidance. We prioritize the needs of our youth members and their families by addressing issues that impact them and their communities.

Our team of skilled staff is committed to delivering high-quality programmes and activities that promote social inclusion and participation. Our programme includes recreational, educational, creative, physical, and social activities designed to engage young people in a safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment. Through partnerships with local organizations, we aim to expand our work and provide opportunities for peer-led initiatives, volunteering, and community cohesion.

Our activities are driven by consultations with young people to ensure their active participation and voice.

Job Coaching

At Alpha Grove, we offer a range of IT courses for adults to improve their skills. Although we do not currently provide accredited courses, we do offer volunteer-supported learning in all aspects of IT. Our courses cover a range of topics, from basic tablet use for web browsing, Zoom, email, or Skype to Microsoft Office skills.

We also provide support, advice, and guidance on job seeking, such as writing a CV and preparing for job interviews. If you’re looking for work experience, we have a variety of volunteering roles available. After volunteering with us for a period, we can provide you with a reference for future employment opportunities. If you need any assistance, please feel free to visit us at the centre.

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Alpha Grove offers a range of free, confidential, and impartial advice services to the residents of the Alpha Grove area and its environs. Our advice service provides essential support to those who face challenges accessing their rights and entitlements due to language barriers or lack of knowledge. Our team of advisers offers a comprehensive and confidential service, which includes expert debt advice. No matter the size of the problem, our advisers can help, and we have specialists in debt and benefit advice who can assist you in managing your finances.

Food Bank

The Foodbank volunteers strive to offer a warm and welcoming environment to anyone who seeks assistance, treating them with empathy, generosity, and attentive ears. Our belief is that nobody in our community should suffer from hunger. Therefore, we offer aid to individuals from the Isle of Dogs who have been referred to us during times of crisis. We collaborate with Tenants and Residents Associations, various statutory, voluntary and community organizations, and community leaders in our vicinity to locate those who require our help the most. If you or someone you know is in need of support, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Food Bank Application

Once you’ve found the ideal partner, think carefully about what you are trying to achieve together. A close partnerships with a clear plan translates into tangible and measurable results. However, crucial to this process is communication and openness: the more employees, investors, customers, and the broader community understand about the partnership, the more they will be able to help in achieving the goals set, by playing an active role or by becoming good ambassadors.

Clearer goals, better outcomes

Monitoring and feedback

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Close monitoring and clear evaluation of the projects will allow you to report concrete results back to your stakeholders, while creating a space for reflection to understand what might have gone wrong and whether there is space for improvement.

Strong partnership

Productive cooperation

There is no doubt that productive cooperation between an NGO and a business can be demanding. However, when done right, strong partnerships will bring larger benefits for companies and achieve far more long-term and tangible results for the charity and for wider society.

Strong results

Stakeholders involved

Charityfy work have a lot in common with doing business: goals have to be set and results evaluated. By doing so, you can learn more about what you are achieving and whether there is room for betterment in the delivery of effective and meaningful change.