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Commitment to promoting volunteerism

At Alpha Grove, we believe that professionals can find fulfilling opportunities to volunteer their skills and make a positive impact in the local community. Our network of small charities and social enterprises welcome volunteers from diverse backgrounds, including legal, finance, architecture, marketing, HR, IT, operations, strategy, and more. We appreciate the dedication and expertise that individuals and organizations bring to our community. As part of our commitment to promoting volunteerism, Alpha Grove strives to strengthen and enhance this valuable service.

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Improving your life through helping others

In addition to the social benefits, there is an increasing amount of research highlighting the personal health advantages of skills-based volunteering. Studies indicate that individuals who volunteer have a lower risk of mortality, greater functional ability, higher levels of life satisfaction, and lower rates of depression later in life compared to those who do not volunteer.

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As professionals, volunteering comes with great benefits

01. Meet new and inspiring people with a common interest in making your community better
Volunteering provides a unique opportunity to meet new and inspiring people who share a common goal of making the community better. Working together towards a common cause not only helps to build strong connections and friendships but also promotes a sense of belonging and purpose within the community.

02. Develop a new skillset, in addition to sharing your current skills
Whether it’s learning how to organise events, managing social media, or teaching a new skill to others, volunteering can expand your knowledge and experience. Additionally, by sharing your existing skills, you can contribute to a cause you care about while also making a positive impact on the lives of others.

03. Boost your career options
Employers often value volunteer experience and view it as a positive trait in potential hires. So, by volunteering, you not only have the opportunity to give back, but also to enhance your professional profile and open up new career possibilities.

04. Gain motivation and a sense of achievement
Helping others and making a difference in your community can be a source of personal fulfillment and satisfaction. Volunteering can also provide opportunities to challenge oneself and learn new skills, further contributing to a sense of achievement.

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Volunteers Make a Difference

You can be an adult, a student, or a senior. You can volunteer on your own, with a team of co-workers, with your family or your friends. Volunteering is flexible and adaptable to your needs – whether you are looking for short- or long-term commitments, there are opportunities for you to make a difference to the local community.